Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exercise 3: Letter/Summary

Dear Jessica,

     In my English 113A class, I read a poem that reminded me about you in several aspects. This poem is called "It's a Woman's World" by Eavan Boland. At first, I had difficulty trying to understand this poem. But as I kept reading and annotating, everything was clear to me.
     In this passage, the whole purpose is to grab the male attention and giving them an understanding of what many women go through in a daily life. This passage includes several stereotypes such as, being housewives and being in the lower positions in the work force.
     Well, I can in a way disagree with this passage. The reason being is because you are perhaps one of the strongest and bravest women that I've known. This poem mentions "Like most historic peoples we are defined by what we forget, by what we never will be: star-gazers, fire-eaters." Well sister, you've never failed to accomplish any of your goals. You graduated this school within 3 years and accomplished to finish your credentials the following year. After that, you began working as a Spanish teacher with a good salary. Now, you are half way done with your Masters degree. Now, are you still asking me if this phrase corresponds to you? Well, my answer is "hell NO!!!" You are a star-gazer and a fire-eater.
     For many years, women have struggled into getting to the highest positions in the work force. The reason for this tragedy is because many men can't handle the fact of having a female leader. Men in all occasions want to be superior to women. In one of the epigraphs of this poem, the author mentions "by night our windows moth our children to the flame of hearth not history." What is meant by this phrase is that women are the household that keeps the house and family in shape, while the men on the other hand are out there making history. Once again sister, you've proven that this phrase does not apply to you. You and I know that your are out there making history.
     This poem also mentions "...of loaf left by the cashier, the washing powder paid for and wrapped..." What the author is trying to say is that, women still live with a domestic fear. As mentioned before, you are one of the strongest and bravest women that I've know. You have overcome that fear. You've never given me or the family the sense of giving up. You always push yourself into getting the best that there is to offer. This is why you are my inspiration. You are what give me the motive to achieve the high levels of success. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for not letting yourself down by the attitudes of our modern day society. You really are a Champion.

Jose Segura


  1. That is a great letter to a sister. I bet she'd love to read it.

  2. Hi, Jose. I am leaving this comment on your blog. When you are signed in to your Blogger account, you can click on the place where it says, "No comments" or "1 comment" near the bottom of a post. Then this box pops up, and the rest is easy...

    Let me know if you have any more trouble.