Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UNIV 061E Responses to Poetry Questions

  1. Example of poetry:
                                          "When the minute you are is too painful
                                           Step back and look at the hour
                                           When the hour has more hurts in than minutes
                                           Take a minute to think of God's power."
                                                                                                -The Painful Minute/ by: Lynne Trawer Smith
          The reason why I think this is an example of poetry is because it's describing emotions through time. In my opinion, the definition of poetry is a strategy that one uses to exress emotions. If I was in a situation where I were to say to a friend, "I'm reading poetry in my English class," I would make him/her understand by telling explaining my definition of poetry.

    2.    I would disagree that poetry is not popular, and the reason why is because it can be created anywhere at any time. As mentioned before, poetry is a mixture of expressed emotions. They can be happy, sad, angry, jealous, etc. In many ocassion, poetry is difficult to understand. This is the reason why many people dislike poetry, however; if you come to think about it, difficult lecture is what makes poetry good.

   3.   Poetry has always been a big part of my education and because of this I can't remember the exact poem first read. One thing for sure is that poetry was and is difficult to understand. Poetry has never been my pleasure writting. Throughout my entire childhood, I never understood why people couldn't just write in "essay form" so that it'll make the reading more simpler. Now that I know the concepts of poetry, it affects the way I think. In a way it helps me improve my creativity.

   4.   In most ocassions, I've been tought poetry as a rhyme. Most of the English teachers that I've come to known have mentioned "think of poetry as if they were song lyrics." In between I've also had teachers that instuct students to recognize what kind of tone the author is using that way it'll be easier to catch the main concepts of the poem.

   5.   Outside the classroom I've been tought poetry as a way of living. This way of thinking about poetry has made it easier for me when it comes down to writting a poem. The reason why I say this is because it is easy to reflect on past memories. When doing so, I try to capture what kind of tone is related to that memory.

   6.   Back in my Junior year of high school, I remember doing a poem towards the end of the year. This poem was a biographic poem about ourselfs. When I wrote this poem, it was both easy and difficult to establish. When I presented my poem to the class, I was glad to see and hear the audience clapping after I was done reading it. Going up in front of the audience was perhaps the most difficult part. In my opinion, the reason why it's different to read a poem than to construct it is because constructing a poem takes more to think of what to write. When reading a peom, all you have to think is what is the author trying to say.

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  1. Good response.
    In your last line you write, "When reading a peom, all you have to think is what is the author trying to say." Sometimes that is hard, but it gets easier as you keep trying.