Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Web Blog Post #2

                                                   Advertising, It’s Not That Easy
Throughout the process of my Project Web assignment I’ve come to understand how much effort and hard work is put into an advertisement. I’ve never noticed this, for I’ve always been the person watching them; not creating them. It is easy judge/criticize an advertisement, but it is very hard to make one. No matter how big or small the ad could be, organization and planning has to occur. Not only that, but also the use of critical and creative thinking. This is the lesson that I got out of this assignment.
            As appose to other assignments, this has been the most conflicting one. Why? Because it requires one to think critically of what exactly to put; so thereby it has a meaningful message. But what exactly do I mean by critical thinking? Critical thinking is when one follows a certain style in order to get through the objective of an assignment or dilemma; and in doing so; they generate ideas, imagine possibilities, and try relationships between different concepts. Well, that’s exactly what my group and I tried to do in our advertisement. We tried to focus on one topic first (the Fast Food topic) and then transition into the next one (the home cooking subject). In the process, we tried to create relationships between the different subjects within the topics themselves. For example, when we mentioned the reasons why people prefer fast food over hom-cooked meals, we immediately posted several examples that gives an understanding why many people are affected with the media’s advertisements. These are two famous Carl’s Jr. commercials that consist of scenes of women exposing a lot of sexual emotions while eating the meals. This is how many people, especially men, are attracted; by looking at the female’s anatomy.
            But in order for the project to go as planned, we needed to involve a lot of creative thinking. In other words, we needed to do use a lot of imagery. Not only are the pictures, videos, links, and text important in advertising, but also the visual display. Everything has to have a purpose whether it’s the color, font sizes, background, etc. We as a group decided that bright colors are adequate for our blog advertisement. Since the message of our ad is to make people believe that home-cooked meals are a better decision, we decided on a background that contains pure fruits. The purpose behind the colors and fruits is to portray happy emotions; thereby our message is more direct.
            Yes, creating an advertisement might sound easy at first; however, when it comes down to creating one, perspectives change. It definitely changed mines. It made me stop my judgment/critic over ads/commercials that normally I would consider boring.

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Project Web Blog Post #1

Advertising Depends on its Content
            Advertisements rule our world. We see them everywhere we go; whether it’s on a newspaper, television, computer, billboards, etc.  We sometimes don’t notice it, but many people are lured to the foods, products, or events; due to the content that the directors use. It might sound silly, but the truth is that content plays the major role. It all depends on the ad’s content to whether or not it could be successful. In my English class, we were asked to create a website/blog for the purpose of doing an advertisement. At first this assignment sounded quite simple; however, when it came down to narrow everything including the style of the web’s display, my perspectives immediately changed.

            Advertising seems to be easy; however, the truth is that it’s the complete opposite. In the process of creating our website, in other words blog, I was shocked with the enormous amount of brainstorming and commitment that was needed. Our topic was over the issue of fast food over home-cooked meals; that it is taking control of home cooking. Therefore, I believed that this was going to be done with so much ease. Boy was I wrong! Not only was organization of the content important, but also organization of style. It was important for all the content to be clear; therefore, we had to put our videos, images, and text in chronological order; but in order for the audience to take our content serious, creative style needed to be deployed.

It's the content that makes advertising successful; in this case sexuality.

Here is another example.