Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Web Blog Post #1

Advertising Depends on its Content
            Advertisements rule our world. We see them everywhere we go; whether it’s on a newspaper, television, computer, billboards, etc.  We sometimes don’t notice it, but many people are lured to the foods, products, or events; due to the content that the directors use. It might sound silly, but the truth is that content plays the major role. It all depends on the ad’s content to whether or not it could be successful. In my English class, we were asked to create a website/blog for the purpose of doing an advertisement. At first this assignment sounded quite simple; however, when it came down to narrow everything including the style of the web’s display, my perspectives immediately changed.

            Advertising seems to be easy; however, the truth is that it’s the complete opposite. In the process of creating our website, in other words blog, I was shocked with the enormous amount of brainstorming and commitment that was needed. Our topic was over the issue of fast food over home-cooked meals; that it is taking control of home cooking. Therefore, I believed that this was going to be done with so much ease. Boy was I wrong! Not only was organization of the content important, but also organization of style. It was important for all the content to be clear; therefore, we had to put our videos, images, and text in chronological order; but in order for the audience to take our content serious, creative style needed to be deployed.

It's the content that makes advertising successful; in this case sexuality.

Here is another example.

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